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Portrait by Internationally-acclaimed artist Marta Alvarez

February Tuesday, 2013

Portrait by International artist Marta Alvarez

One of my most precious possessions is the above portrait, which was painted by Marta Alvarez. The portrait was gifted to me as a surprise and I hold it very close to my heart.

Marta was born in Chile and moved to Canada in 1972. In addition to her passion for painting, she has developed a love for psychology; and, fortunately for me, became my student in 2000.

She is an internationally recognized artist, and has had portraits commissioned in Canada, Spain, the United States and Chile.

Marta, like all of us, has faced many challenges in her life, and she is a true testament to the happiness that comes from living life to the fullest and being positive. She is now happy in her retirement.

I am truly privileged to call Marta my friend.

The Ten Second Reaction: Psychology Matters

February Sunday, 2013

Psychology Class

Psychology Class

The ten seconds reaction.

This term we are studying many psychological theories and verifying them through our everyday observations.  A recent topic:  Is there a correlation between how we look and how we are treated?

On Saturday mornings I get my exercise by walking with a  group from the local “Running Room”.  Due to a tight schedule, I do not have a chance to change my clothing  before teaching my psychology class.  I noticed something immediately… From the moment I passed through the school’s doors, I perceived that I was treated quite differently when wearing exercise attire.  So I asked “Do looks Matter?”; “How long does it take to notice a difference?”; and “Is there a Correlation?”.  Well, 50 researchers (my peers, supervisors and students) all provided their input and yes, there is a correlation – and it took ten seconds to notice.  Great work everyone.

In our psychology class, we yet again affirmed that looks do matter.  Looking your best every day is something to consider.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Donato Salon and Spa.

Other future topics this semester: Instant Gratification; Toxic Personalities; MBTI; Personality Dimensions and  New Baby Lab Research on Nurture and Nature… topics to engage,  inspire and make you think.

I would like to thank all of my participants for being amazing students and, yes,  the teacher has learned from all of you.

Common Sense is Uncommon–Chapters- Newmarket -Book Signing Alert

September Saturday, 2012

I will be at Chapters, in Newmarket, today, Saturday, September 8th from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Book Signing of Commmon Sense is Uncommon. Great store, great people!

Psychology classes at the Toronto District Board start on Saturday, September 15th and 17th.
I will be reviewing many fun psychological topics, including the long term results of a study on instant gratification.

I am continuing my “Motivational Lecture Tour” on “Diversity” at Amica Bayview on Sunday afternoons. Everyone is welcome, please call Amica.

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