Anne Balaban is an internationally recognized expert in human potential.

An adult educator, speaker and trainer, she has a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward increased levels of self steem and peak performance.

She is an internationally recognized expert in human potential and uses this ability to inform and inspire audiences towards reaching great heights, in both their professional and personal lives.

Anne is a psychology instructor, in adult education, a career exploration specialist, motivational speaker that includes psychological book and movie reviews.

Everything in your life starts with your thoughts; they direct your actions and emotions. This puts you in control of so much more of your life than you may realize. Common Sense Is Uncommon offers a collection of wisdom taken from author Anne Balaban’s motivational lectures. They are designed to inspire change in your life—whether at work, at home, or at play—by redirecting your thoughts from ones of negative anticipation to those of positive expectations. Remember: • Until you realize your strengths, you don’t have any. • Education is to the mind what exercise is to the body. • You can’t throw mud without getting dirty hands. Common Sense Is Uncommon provides an opportunity to acquire new and different ways of thinking, feeling, and doing. In order to have a more positive life, you must understand your innermost thoughts. This beautifully illustrated volume will provide you with the opportunity to find inspiration in these words and enable the changes necessary to be the person you are destined to be—always.

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