Chapters Indigo Bayview-September 2011

As a first time author you need to bring a pen, glasses, comfortable shoes and a sense of humour. I learned that you have to keep it simple.

The reality hit me on August 20th, my first book signing, when I looked up and saw people actually lining up, waiting to have me sign the book I wrote. Writing this book has been on my bucket list for so many years and to actually achieve this moment was surreal.

It was an amazing feeling just having the book published, but this was truly awesome. I did many book signings this summer, to promote my book but the highlight for me was meeting people.

I spoke to each and every person who bought my book. Special moments were had by simply listening and learning about their lives and passions. How they viewed my book was a true eye opener.

Many people got the reason why I wrote the book instantly. The doctors who bought the books to be placed in their waiting rooms. The teachers who were to use them for morning announcements. The early childhood educators to use them as reading tools for their students. The counselors to use them as icebreakers for discussions in their therapy sessions. The seniors who placed them next to their bed, so they can sleep better. The moms who put them in their purses, so they could be reminded of negative thought patterns and have better days. The students who can share the words with their friends. The husband and wives to exchange presents. The music instructors to give the books to their new students. Communication directors from various facilities to give the books as welcoming gifts.

I was touched by the kindness displayed towards me by all the staff of all of the stores; they were all helpful, polite and kind. It was a pleasure to sign each and everyone’s book.

An “aha” moment occurred when a young autistic boy, who had not spoken many words, identified the pictures in the book and started expressing his feelings. His grandparents were overjoyed and with his input, bought books for each member of his family. Each book was individually signed and to be used to start conversations with different family members.