It has been an honour to be part of the Career Paths Program.
I have travelled throughout York Region and each location presented its own challenges and yet the results were wonderful.
I will miss driving to Sutton, Keswick, Vaughan, Newmarket, Markham, Stouffville and Richmond Hill.

If you have been a participants in any of my workshops…please know what a pleasure it was to meet you!

For all of you who are following my blog..yes I will be on twitter next month…I will not be back in the Fall at Taylor Place,North York Senior Centre, Ryerson or Seneca!

I will be teaching two Psychology Courses for the Toronto District School Board in the Fall…Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons (416-395-4111).

I will be at Amica (Bayview and Sheppard) on a regular basis. Please call them (416-9773177).

Fun with moving….


Living in a condo has its challenges.

I swore that I would never own a buggy……..and now I have three!!!!!

I have lived through my first Fire alarm…stuck elevator…buying a buggy…meeting dog owners…missing keys…waiting….

The adventure has started and I plan to experience this place thoroughly.

My class gave me a coupon for a car wash located at Bayview and Sheppard (P2) beside Loblaws…my car never looked so good!!!!!!

I will be seeing Paul McCartney in person on Sunday August 8th..yes…I will let you know about the experience from my perspective next week!

Great to be back!

Thanks again everyone for caring enough to ask about me.