This is my first informed message that I have posted on my wordpress Blog, and I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to visit my Blog.

At first I thought , naively, that this is an advertising tool. 

Educators usually communicate through their lectures, speeches, workshops. classes, booklets (like my Common Sense is very Uncommon) and this Blog appears to be the natural next step to communicating with everyone. With great urging from my students… I am.

After many years as an adult educator specializing in Psychology I have been asked to talk about Psychological Strategies and Theories.

I have written a booklet of Life’s inspirations, developed lectures around them and am trying to change, so I can actually give a reality check during my own lectures. I hope that those of you who take the time to read my Blog or my booklet will find it educational and entertaining .

In the following months I will be making entries in this Blog….to keep you informed about my classes and lectures. I am definitely not impartial so please note that everything I will write will be from my own perspective and is not meant in any way to disrespect anyone.

My aim in all my lectures is to make people think…

Yesterday I presented two lectures on the same topic to two very different audiences.  I presented a Psychological Book Review of the book “Tug of War” by Judge Harvey Brownstone. 

The first lecture was part of my bi-monthly educational series to the staff and residence at Amica at Bayview and Sheppard. The participants are bright and articulate. Most are in their eighties and nineties and teach me more about the realities of life than I could every teach them. The objective in all my lectures  is for everyone to learn, exercise their brains, and think out of the box.  We discussed issues of Maturity (as stated in the book) and steps everyone needs to take to make sure that the children come first in any separation. The book is informative and struck a chord with the audience..not as parents but as grandparents. The book is excellent.

My second lecture was part of the Psychology classes that I teach and the participants were mainly ESL adult students. The same book, same information, but obviously presented differently. The information was equally absorbed and made a real impact on all of the parents in the group.

I really enjoy teaching. I learn something from every experience.

Good night.


It was amazing how many people in the audience were changed by the information.