Hello everyone,

Saturday morning was spent wrapping gift baskets for Adam’s Dream Fund.

I am very excited about the fundraiser that I will participating in to support a special lady, Hilliary, in memory of her young son Adam who lost his life to cancer.  The money raised is going towards the clown program at Sick Kids hospital. Clowns made Adam feel better and now we are trying to make other children feel better too!!! The fundraiser is on Tuesday evening.

Already a very special event happened…while I was trying to get sponsors for the event a few months ago, I met Iryna, the manager at the Crisca Women’s Wear store  at Bayview Village. She had lost her husband and identified with Hilary’s losses and she approached her bosses and they have donated many  generous gift certificates to their store.  Then, I got a surprise, they are actually providing me with an outfit to wear for the evening!!!!The generosity that Iryna has displayed is very touching, especially in this tight economy! I met a very special lady!

On Saturday  I gave my lecture at the Thornhill Library. It was a Psychological book review of “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.

The audience consisted of students, parents and grandparents.  I am so very grateful to the people, in my psychology classes,  who consistently support my endeavours,  Rachel, Ruth, Marta, Mickey, Frances, etc. thank you for your efforts…. you touch my heart with your thoughtfulness and constant support.  I, the teacher,  learn from all of you everyday!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my neighbour Michael and his two beautiful daughters. Michael was touched by the inspirational messages in the book, especially coming from a person who was dying.  The teachers were very interested in the “white elephant in the room” issue and how Randy dealt with that. I learned that we all could use support and a kind word from time to time.  One should never lose the message that People are more important than things (coke and the new car) and that everyone has something good in them…but sometimes it takes patience to find it!

Randy Pausch’s advice on parenting and living your dreams was a hit!

Chapter three: An apology has three parts….I am sorry…I did not mean to hurt you..and what can I do to make it better?

It was a fun event.