I had the greatest honour to speak, in the community, about the process of writing, researching,  publishing and  promoting my book, Common Sense is UnCommon. What a wonderful surprise it was to see so many of  my former students come together and read the motivational quotes which they submitted. Each one had a story of how choosing to look at situations from a different perspective made a difference in their lives. As an adult educator, there is nothing more powerful than to see the impact of education changing lives…when you know better you do better.  Please let me know if any of the quotes are special to you.


 Believe in Yourself

Author: Emily Matthews
Believe in yourself –
in the power you have
to control your own life, day by day,
Believe in the strength
that you have deep inside,
and your faith will help
show you the way.
Believe in tomorrow
and what it will bring –
let a hopeful heart carry you through,
For the things will work out
if you trust and believe
there’s no limit
to what you can do.

Jane Fonda, http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/jane-fondas-longevity-revolution  said that you teach what you need to learn…I am learning.

I will be taking part in the Out of the Cold program this month and will write about it.