Congratulations to the Royal Canadian Legion, North York Branch 66 for presenting another year of inspirational speakers at their Annual Public Speaking Contest. This is part of the Legion’s Youth and Education program which is meant to give young people an opportunity to speak in public. The contestants were from Grades 1-12 and chose their own subject matter for the address. Thanks again for the opportunity and the privilege of allowing me to be one of the three judges. I have been a public speaking judge for eleven years and am always inspired by the speakers, their families, teachers, coaches and the incredible efforts by the Royal Canadian Legion, North York Branch 66. Sidebar….we all sang God Save The Queen!!!!!! yeh?????

After posting this blog, I have been asked to post what I look for….

What do  judges look for????? (1-10 scoring)

From my Perspective….Here is my list:

                                          Appearance -suitable, Gestures- natural, Manner-sincere

                                          Worthwhile-suited to topic, Organized-in logical order, Suitable- in keeping w/age & background, Originality, thought & presentation.

                                          Words-effective & clear, Fluency-easy to follow, Grammar-correct usage, Pronunciation-correct w/good enunciation.

Everyone can enhance their public speaking skills by joining  Toastmasters, Ontario, Canada.

TOPICS: The Top 10 requested Psychology Lecture topics this term: The Power of Birth Order/Resilience/Hoarding/Money Types/People Pleasers/Body Language/Reviews of the Oscar Movies/ Myers Briggs Type Indicator/Saying “No” without Guilt/Psychology of Laughter.

My former student Alex Crawford, who will be celebrating his 1 year anniversary of sobriety, used the Ride to Conquer Cancer to help him focus and train for a healthier lifestyle and new opportunities abound.

2012 Olympics: Folks, there is a “Beach Ball” Fundraising Event for Canada’s Josh Binsotck and Martin Reader to help support their Olympic Journey.

Friday, March 9th @The Spoke Club (