Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for being so patient and waiting for me to write.

When I started this adventure I thought it would be at Yonge and Davisville…not so…..it is  Yonge and Davis!!!!!!!

I am on a new adventure for the summer. As a Career Counsellor for the TDSB and hopefully as a new Career Paths instructor. I hope to update my skills very shortly. My classes at Amica are going very well this summer so…if you miss my classes please join me there.

My lecture series at the Thornhill Library have been exceptionally successful in terms of reaching new people of all ages. I was amazed at how many fathers and sons attended the lecture on “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pasch.

Today was Yvonne’s last day as head of programming at the library. I will miss her and will visit her at her new job location at the library on Main Street.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback upon seeing the Public Service Announcement which I did for the Mobilization Unit of the Police Department. It seems that they are playing the commercial alot more and on many more stations.

I am also surprised that the episodes of Style By Jury which I did last summer have been seen all over the United States. It was great to hear from many of the people from high school. I still use the clips in my psychology classes to show” the impact of first impressions”.

I hope all of you have a happy and healthy summer.

I will try to write at once a week and let you know where I am speaking next.