Seneca, the Latin philosopher wrote, “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”

The explosion of technology has resulted us all to recognize that learning is a continuous, permanent, lifelong pursuit. As an educator, I have found that the person who has curiosity, who learns by doing, thinking and experimenting is the one who understands this process best.

          Lifelong learning is the ongoing, pursuit of knowledge. It is self-motivated. It enhances social inclusion and personal development. Today learning can be seen as something that takes place on an on-going basis from daily interactions with others and/or in the classroom. So, with that in mind, consider taking time for yourself this summer
Take time out this summer with a Learn4Life course.

I will be teaching course # 60919, Psychology of Summer. Topics to be discussed will include Canada Day and the need to belong; Impact of First Love; Sibling Rivalries and Emotional Eating.
Register today at  Classes begin the week of July 2, 2013.
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