The 2011 Fall Fashion Show Luncheon was a great success.  The Television Media Sponsor was CTV and represented by Joe Tilley, Carol Charles, Pauline Chan and Bill Hutchison.  This is our eighth year working together. The fittings, rehearsal and show were not only fun but a wonderful experience for us all. I am wearing SPANNER and promised to show you the visual.

Humor during the holiday season is the only way to cope.

HEADLINE:  New Year’s Resolutions No One Ever Keeps!!!!

I will be interviewed on Tuesday, November 29th

Here is the link to the archive page for November 29.

Yeah, yeah … it’s time for the same old New Year’s Resolutions, when people pledge to finally quit smoking, start going to the gym, eat healthier, or make some other life-altering change for the better. Why bother?

During the interview,  I will point our how Common Sense is truly Uncommon , and the resolutions people make at this time of year are futile and others are just plain dumb!  I will take call-ins from the radio audience and judge whether or not they are in the “doable” or “don’t bother” category.

I hope you will find the interview humorous and shake your head in agreement.

* Trying to quit smoking during the most stressful time of the year (the holidays) is just a recipe for more stress.

* Many people pledge to lose weight; when they do, they celebrate by treating themselves—to cheesecake.

* We should take up new habits … like eating more dark chocolate.

* Those who decide to “get organized” buy the materials but either don’t know how to start or just don’t find the time, so the organizational materials become part of the clutter!

People like to deal with people who make them feel valued.

I was totally mesmerized with this new and special way of using storytelling.

TimeSlips is an exciting new free interactive resource for storytelling designed to support growth and learning with people with dementia and their caregivers — but it’s fun for everyone and everyone is valued.

Forget Memory, Try Imagination!  is the tag line the TimeSlips creative storytelling uses to encourage people to leave behind (at least partially) the fears and stigma of memory loss.  The imagination is a powerful communication tool that enables people to reach each other across the communication divides of cognitive disabilities like memory loss and dementia.