Hello Everyone,
Here are the update:
On November 10th I will be the Guest Speaker at Constantia Retirement Residence. I will be discussing my results after intervieiwing three WW2 soldiers. I will go into the history of the POPPIE.
On Tuesday Nov 9th I will be part of the Fall Fashion Show Luncheon fundraiser for the Better Living Foundation. I am thrilled to be working (for the fourth time) with the CTV crew of Dave Devall, Pauline Chan, Bill Hutchinson and Joe Tilley.
On Monday I will be at Amica Bayview and Sheppard discussing the Psychological Topic of “Bystander Effect”.
It should be a fun week.
I have started a new project in the Career Exploration field and it has been exceptionally successful.
This weekend Marta Alverez, will be part of an art show at the North York Civic Centre. She is not only an incredible artist, but one of the nicest people you could ever meet.
I promised to recommend great places..The Dent Doctor on Doncaster is a great place. They are fair and treat you well.
Have a great weekend.