Pictures:  #1 Habitat For Humanity  #2 YMSAC Alumni dinner #3 Team Binstock/Reader Olympic Fundraiser

This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever experienced…..please make the time to watch it. Thank you Anthony Robbins for bringing her story to all of us…what an inspiration!!!

108 year old woman, living in London, still plays the piano everyday!

Inspirational #2

Subject: kitty Cohen- 99 in negril!
Kitty Cohen -99 years old dancing in Jamaica. She lives in Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

I was complaing about my upcoming birthday at the YMSAC alumni dinner and the Mackenzie Girls dinner when it was adviced that I read CommonSense is UnCommon again and listen to the 99 and 108 years young women.

What inspirations!!!! I am quiet now. I will be spending my birthday with Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Robbins at the Metro Convention Centre…. so there!!!