On Sunday May 26th, as part of the Doors Open Toronto event, I had the privilege to visit Toronto Emergency Medical Services Headquarters, at 4330 Dufferin Street, Toronto.

It is a modern emergency services headquarters, housing a state of the art Central Ambulance Communications Centre where employees respond to approximately 800 emergency medical calls per day for the City of Toronto. The building also contains a full garage and maintenance centre for 145 ambulances and a paramedic ambulance station. I got an inside view of the work and life of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Paramedics and Operations Support employees for the City of Toronto. I had an incredible view inside emergency vehicles both innovative (a kneeling ambulance) and vintage (a 1953 Packard ambulance) both were available to see.

I met and interviewed Toronto Emergency Medical Services Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatchers and Operations Support staff. I had a tour of an ambulance station, a Communications Centre and the maintenance garage. I had the opportunity to learn how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator and how to perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. I saw the inside of an ambulance and a multi-casualty bus.  I was fascinated by the Toronto Emergency Medical uniforms which were on display.

Today, I became aware of an emergency situation and because of the knowledge and practice I received on Sunday, I felt totally confident of the actions necessary and I responded. Sunday’s experience gave me the knowledge of what to do and the strength and confidence to actually do it!!!!  It was an incredible feeling.

Interviewed new recruit.

Interviewed new recruit.


Congratulations to Toronto’s Doors Open Event and the wonderful work done at the Toronto Emergency Services Headquarters.

Good Luck Charlotte on your new job at the headquarters.